Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Abuse of Power - 1

School bullies threaten to beat up those weaker then them. A cry baby bullies by threatening parents through school headmasters.

That's what crybaby Wee ka Siong, the Deputy Minister of Education did. When he cannot tahan MACC commissioner, Tan Sri Robert Phang, he called the headmaster of SJKC Jalan Davidson, where Robert Phang's son is studying.

He asked the headmaster where Robert Phang is staying and his so-called secret hideouts!! Dey.... not everyone got a secret hideout like you, you know? Who's paying for your secret hideout in Berjaya Times Square Hotel?

Never mind that, Wee Ka Siong even asked the poor headmaster about the movement of Tan Sri Robert Phang and his family. For what you need the info? To plan for the construction of more Chinese schools? Or make Malaysian students score better grades in Science and Maths?

Why must call headmaster direct? Ministry of Education officials cannot do background check is it? Must show power is it? Want to scare people is it?

This one clearly abuse of power and cause fear in Tan Sri Robert Phang and family. Don't believe ah? See the police report below lah!

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