Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Evil Plot...

The MCA election has just been concluded. But Wee Ka Siong's sinister plot to become MCA's youngest president ever has just begun.

Everyone knows WKS is the puppetmaster for Liow Tiong Lai. LTL's decision to take on his one-time political sifu Ong Tee Keat and team up with Ong Ka Ting is done at WKS' behest.

During the 28th March 2010 MCA election, WKS instructed his 200-odd vote bank to support Chua Soi Lek for MCA president, not OKT, who was supposedly on WKS' camp. With the Ongs (Ka Ting and Tee Keat) out of the picture, his shortcut to the MCA presidency is all but laid.

Just as the vote-count was going on in Dewan San Choon, WKS' proxy, a MCA Youth central delegate from Titiwangsa who is also a lawyer, got in touch with Sankara Nair, Anwar Ibrahim's counsel. He convinced Sankara to publicly draw comparison between CSL and Anwar over their purported offence for unnatural sex. It was a win-win proposal impossible to refuse - it either forces the BN government to drop charges against Anwar or deeply embarrass the ruling coalition.

Sankara took the bait and on the same day issued a media statement lambasting the government's purported double standards. Hence, WKS' plan to send CSL to prison was set in motion. Through his good friend, Sibu MP Tiong King Sing (of the PKFZ fame), WKS knew it wouldn't be too difficult to convince fellow East Malaysian, Attorney-General Gani Patail to press charges. The government too would be hard-press given the international spotlight surrounding this whole debacle.

Once CSL, whom WKS helped installed is toppled (by WKS himself), half of the Deputy Education Minister's battle is won. Under the MCA constitution, Liow Tiong Lai, as Deputy President moves up the ranks. Getting rid of LTL the vegetarian is easy peasy. It will be a matter of time before WKS, who by then had gotten rid of two presidents (OTK and CSL) slaughter, skin and hang LTL out to dry...

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