Sunday, March 21, 2010

WKS - The Chinese Khir Toyo

What do you do when you are flushed with cash? Donate to charity? Set up an education foundation to help children of single parents? Or buy 1Malaysia logos to decorate your office with?

If you are Wee Ka Siong, do neither. You flaunt your wealth. And you flaunt it like no tomorrow. If you've got it, make sure the world knows how rich you are. Make sure they take notice and if they don't, you just need to yell out loud!

Recently, the PKFZ-tainted MCA Youth chief (who is afraid to call for fresh election in his own wing), has bought a plot of land in Bukit Tiara, near Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and is building a mansion to match Khir Toyo's. The costs? A whopping RM6.4 million!!!

See images of the land search and construction in progress below...

Where the hell does he get the money? Obviously, he's got tonnes of cash, as we can see here. WKS obviously is so arrogant, he thought nothing of concealing his ill-gotten gains. Officially, the mansion is already close to 8,000 square feet. But WKS is taking up land almost twice the size in surrounding areas to quench his thirst to live like Hollywood's Rich and Famous.

WKS even wrote to DBKL to get his house number changed from "4" (die) to "2A". Now, see who (politically) die...


  1. Bro, how u calculate RM 6.4 Million ar? I check in the internet the houses over there rated around RM1-2 Million sahaja le...


  2. I too think this is a bit far-fetched...

  3. Do some homework with some bankers as well as people in the renovation business & you will realize it is not far-fetched at all. Not at all!

  4. It can be 6.4M...a property there itself is about 3M and above. Tear it down and rebuild it with furnishing and etc, 6M is definite