Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Abuse of Power - 2

As earlier promised, here's more proof about Wee Ka Siong abusing his powers.

We all know about how Wee Ka Siong wants to sue MACC commissioner Tan Sri Robert Phang for remarks he made over a talkshow in Bernama TV in January.

The Deputy Education Minister who is closely-linked to the PKFZ scandal had to find ways to stop the MACC commissioner from further spilling the beans on him. He was hoping a threat to sue would cow the old man into silence but that was not to be.

The tainted MCA Youth chief even sent an intimidating email to the Astro producers by throwing his weight around as a Deputy Minister, despite his earlier denial. Here is the proof (click on image to enlarge):

In the email he sent to the show's producers, he used an intimidating tone aimed at bullying the producers into cancelling the show. Worse still, he signed off as Deputy Education Minister although he had nothing at all to do with Bernama, which falls under the Ministry of Information. THAT'S intimidation.

Remember how he calls up the headmaster of the school Tan Sri Robert Phang's son goes to? Wee Ka Siong uses the same modus operandi. Strong-arm tactics. Intimidation. Bullying. That's the only way Tiong King Sing's lap dog knows!


  1. Hi Tan Sri Robert Phang, the attachement is not clear. Tan Sri, can u help us to rescaned? Thanks Tan Sri.


  2. OBoonTeat,

    I think Tan Sri Robert Phang got no time to scan this stupid email. I think Tan Sri is busy scanning banking documents about how the money from Tiong King Sing is transferred into WKS's accounts.

    Ah Heng